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Affiliate X Uni was founded with a mission to revolutionize affiliate marketing education and level the playing field. As avid digital entrepreneurs ourselves, we witnessed too many aspiring affiliates fall victim to low-quality courses and programs that failed to deliver on their promises. We created Affiliate X in response to those horrible people behind such programs—many of which not only fail to deliver value but also verge on scamming their participants. We’ve seen the damages and this demotivates aspiring affiliates.

While some creators genuinely offer valuable educational material, we wanted to go a step further by making top-notch affiliate marketing education accessible to everyone, free of charge.

If you’re told: Run an account interesting enough for people to follow, and then advertise to them, it may be daunting to make sales, especially without guidance or accountability, leading many to give up or burn out. But on a platform which makes it easy to plan, post, and enhance your strategy, you are part of a community where you make friends (and a living) and attending Affiliate X conventions in the future, its not just a software anymore, its something beyond. It doesn’t solve a problem, It absolutely nails a question no one knew to ask!

At the heart of Affiliate X is our community. We are dedicated to building strong, supportive networks where everyone can thrive. Through our Spark platform, online weekly content on your dashboard, collaborative projects, courses, and affiliate products we not only offer a platform for learning but also for earning. We believe in empowering our members to generate a stable and significant income. Our team is dedicated to helping our members achieve success.

Here for You

Our business model revolves around our students. We want you to succeed, we want you to grow, it makes most sense to give you our best, in return for yours!

24/7 Support

With our mission to improve our students content ventures, our team and staff are dedicated at all times to help you.

Time Saving

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Best Solution(s) For Your Socials/Wallet

At Affiliate X, we have not held back at all providing Affiliates with the opportunity to monetize fairly quickly, along with in-depth sources to maximize growth on each social platform, organization tools, content creation strategies, 80GB+ of content in various niches and editorial assets for anyone who wants to make their editing and content production easier.


Popular Question From Clients

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Why is Affiliate X free?

Affiliate X is a first of its kind platform. Since we offer affiliate programs and payment options we are able to stay free and accessible to all! Unlike “gurus” and courses online where users get charged a ridiculous buy-in fee, or a monthly membership. We believe in the capabilities of our students and are sure that when using the systems created by X, its so easy even a baby with AI can do it!

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We do plan for AI integration directly to your phone, all on private servers where you AI content creation team ,suitered for your tone of voice and demographic, auto-post schedulers, hashtag research tools, and more will be ready for you to use and abuse to dominate the algorithm.

How do affiliate comissions work?

After a brief period passes to ensure customer satisfaction, we pay 30-50%% of sales generated from your individual affiliate links which can be viewed on your Spark dashboard. Earnings are paid via PayPal on the 15th of each month.

What if my audience is not US based?

No problem! While some products have regional restrictions, many of our offers are available globally.


What am I promoting?

Our product gallery is very inclusive. We have items ranging from electronic, physical, monthly, various upcharge methods across an overflowing handful of niches.

What is your curriculum?

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